• 112 (alarm number in NL)


Friday, March 25 2016

20:00h Welcome and Report coaches for the last information at Hockeyclub Westerduiven
20:30h Opening and interview with player Jaap Stockmann (‘Flying Dutchman’) of the Dutch National Team
20:30h Meet & Greet with Jaap Stockmann
21:00h Shoot-outs with player Jaap Stockmann and two other top-keepers
23:00h End reception and day 1

Saturday, March 26 2016

06:30h Wake-up call
07:45h Breakfast at the Panoven for the external teams
09:15h Sign-up teams at the secretariat at the clubs
09:30h Start of the Matches
  Lunch at the club
16:30h End of the Matches
18:00h BBQ at the Panoven
20:00h Big Hockeyparty at the Panoven
01:00h End of the Hockeyparty and day 2

Sunday, March 27 2016

08:00h Wake-up call
08:45h Breakfast at the Panoven
10:45h Sign-up teams at the secretariat
11:00h Start of the Matches
  Lunch at the club
15:00h End of the Matches
16:00h Award ceremony at Hockeyclub Zevenaar
16:30h Hot meal with closing reception at Hockeyclub Zevenaar
22:00h End of the tournament


Interview with Player Jaap Stockmann

Jaap Stockmann, 'Flying Dutchman'