• 112 (alarm number in NL)


Team Selection

Veerle Miltenburg
De Kruisboog 22
6921 TL Duiven
Mobile +31 (6) 43214117
E-mail veerlemiltenburg@hotmail.com


Manuel ter Maat
IBAN NL14 RAB0 0306 9882 16
RABOBANK Nederland

Organisation commitee

Veerle Miltenburg MHC de Westerduiven
Arjen Bergervoet MHC de Westerduiven
Manuel Ter Maat HV Zevenaar
Joris van Wijk MHC de Westerduiven

Central alarm number in Holland



picture of HV Zevenaar

HV Zevenaar

Parking: There is anough parkingplaces before the entrance to the club.

picture of De Panoven

De Panoven

picture of MHC de Westerduiven

MHC de Westerduiven

Parking: There is enough parkingplaces close to the club. Be aware that there is also another sporting venue that has there own parkingplaces and it is not allowed to park overthere.